We aim for the heart of every story we do,

using visuals and sound to craft messages that inspire,

enlighten and encourage people.

Your Stories

Nothing more rewarding than to hear an enlightened story and as a storyteller you want to turn around and visually convey that story to the world.  Through heartfelt producing and editing the audience is immersed in the storyline which accentuates emotion.  Everyone has a story to tell and Picture Perfect Productions tells it with heart.   

Company success

"The Spirit" of Sprint Sand & Clay

These are powerful cultural style stories that get to the heart of why a company is successful, the grit it takes to stick through the tough times and to professionally brag why they are the cream of the crop.


Sprint Sand & Clay "Moves Mountains"

The commercial style of storytelling is an overview of what the company does and how they do it so well.


 "Learning to Fly"

Features are known to be light-hearted and fun stories that hit you square in the heart, and say "Wow, I want to be a part of that!"


"Living with ALS"

Non-profit storytelling is sensitive, responsive, and very powerful. All non-profits have a purpose and there in-lies the challenge to tell a moving and emotional story with purpose.


 FACT:     Studies show 70% of information is retained when presented as part of a story, and only 10% is retained if the information is presented as fact.

With a self narration the key people that make up the story are the ones who tell the story. This makes it more authentic. 

Pilot show

TELLY AWARD WINNER: When you need more than one story, how about a TV show! Telly Award winning pilot show for the Boy Scouts of America.